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By Shamus
on Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

DM of the Rings


I didn’t set out to be a comic-making guy, but about a year into this blog I accidentally made a hit comic. The series took framegrabs of the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies and presented them as if they were a Dungeons & Dragons campaign being played by a group of typical gaming nerds.

While I can’t take credit for the success, creativity, or popularity of the webcomic Darths and Droids, my comic did provide a small spark of inspiration that got that project going. Kind of like the neanderthal who first bashed his dinner’s head in with a rock provided the spark that led to the Browning BAR autoloader hunting rifle.

Chainmail Bikini


After the run of DM of the Rings, I teamed up with artist Shawn Gaston and we created Chainmail Bikini. The series focused on a group of players running through a horrible, railroading, stupid, contrived, and painfully ill-conceived roleplaying campaign. Most of the humor came from the difference between the allegedly epic story being told and the mundane players that were taking part in it. It’s a bit like the humor in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, if you’ve ever seen that. And you should totally see that.

Stolen Pixels


Based on my previous webcomic success, I was invited to do a series for The Escapist. This resulted in Stolen Pixels, a comic based around videogame screenshots. The comic ended when I became a novelist, but it was a good run while it lasted.

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