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By Shamus
on Thursday Jul 12, 2012

Reset Button


Reset Button is a video series that focuses on game design and technology. I’d love to do more of them, but they’re just so dang time consuming. In the time it takes to make one video I can probably make an entire week’s worth of blog posts, or finish several dozen pages of a novel. It is very hard to give up all that content in exchange for a ten-minute video.

  • Most Innovative Game of 2008 – My first video. At the time, I was excited that we were getting some polished, AAA games for new players instead of relegating the casual players to some sort of web-based ghetto of Angry Birds knock-offs. The landscape has changed a lot since 2008, and you could argue this simplification has gone too far.
  • The Biggest Game Ever – Here I talk about FUEL, which is a driving game set in a massive open-world landscape of post apocalyptic ruin. It’s beautiful, varied, interesting, innovative, and different. A shame that the gameplay had so little to offer.
  • Megatextures – Here I talk about the reasoning behind Megatexturing, the technology used in RAGE.

If you enjoy Reset Button and wish there was more, then you should check out Errant Signal.

Drawn to Knowledge


This is a sort of informational video series. The chalkboard presentation gives it a certain charm. I keep meaning to make more of these, but you know how it is.

  • The Internet – The history and origin on the internet, and how it relates to nuclear weapons.
  • Net Neutrality – An even-handed overview of the Net Neutrality debate.

Other Videos


  • Minecraft: Go East – A time-lapse of a game where I try to survive in Minecraft for five days while going constantly east.
  • Pixel City – A demonstration of the city-building program I created. If you want to read about how it was made, head over to the Programming section.
  • Push the Button – Just a bit of goofy fun with Half-Life 2.
  • Tastes Like Asphalt – I don’t know what’s worse: This showcase of just how hard it was for me to get one hidden package in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, or the hundreds of people who left comments telling me how easy it was.
  • Bowlercoaster – My very first video is my one runaway success. Over three million views on YouTube, as of this writing. I wish I could pull that off every day.

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