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Free Game: Sam & Max Episode 4

By Shamus
on Friday Nov 16, 2007
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Game Reviews

Dreamfall, The Bitter End

By Shamus
on Friday Oct 20, 2006
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Game Reviews

Dreamfall: Nitpicks

By Shamus
on Thursday Oct 19, 2006
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Game Reviews

Dreamfall: Places to See

By Shamus
on Tuesday Oct 17, 2006
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Game Reviews

Dreamfall: Spooky Girl

By Shamus
on Tuesday Oct 10, 2006
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Game Reviews

Dreamfall: Supersize

By Shamus
on Sunday Oct 8, 2006
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Game Reviews

Tenpenny Tower

Bethesda felt the need to jam a morality system into Fallout 3, and they blew it. Good and evil make no sense and the moral compass points sideways.


Project Octant

A programming project where I set out to make a Minecraft-style world so I can experiment with Octree data.


Push the Button!

Scenes from Half-Life 2:Episode 2, showing Gordon Freeman being a jerk.


Spoiler Warning:
Metro 2033

A videogame adaptation of a Russian novel about living in the metro system after the world ends. Successful or not, it's completely unique among shooters.


Crash Dot Com

Back in 1999, I rode the dot-com bubble. Got rich. Worked hard. Went crazy. Turned poor. It was fun.


PC Gaming Golden Age

It's not a legend. It was real. There was a time before DLC. Before DRM. Before crappy ports. It was glorious.


The Terrible New Thing

Fidget spinners are ruining education! We need to... oh, never mind the fad is over. This is not the first time we've had a dumb moral panic.


Juvenile and Proud

Yes, this game is loud, crude, childish, and stupid. But it it knows what it wants to be and nails it. And that's admirable.


Steam Summer Blues

This mess of dross, confusion, and terrible UI design is the storefront the big publishers couldn't beat? Amazing.


Top 64 Videogames

Lists of 'best games ever' are dumb and annoying. But like a self-loathing hipster I made one anyway.



A look back at Star Trek, from the Original Series to the Abrams Reboot.


Marvel's Civil War

Team Cap or Team Iron Man? More importantly, what basis would you use for making that decision?