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Good Robot #44: Coming April 5

By Shamus
on Tuesday Mar 15, 2016
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Good Robot

Linux vs. Linux Users

By Shamus
on Sunday Jul 14, 2013
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Linux vs. Windows

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jan 8, 2013
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Postcards From Linux Part 3:
Mouse vs. Keyboard

By Shamus
on Monday Dec 24, 2012
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Postcards From Linux Part 2:
How Do I Work This?

By Shamus
on Thursday Dec 20, 2012
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Postcards From Linux Part 1: Welcome to Linux

By Shamus
on Wednesday Dec 19, 2012
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The Thing That Broke

By Shamus
on Tuesday Dec 18, 2012
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Spoiler Warning:
The Last of Us

A beautiful, masterful, heart-wrenching bit of cinema mixed with a completely rote and uninspired set of mechanics.


The Gradient of Plot Holes

Most stories have plot holes. The failure isn't that they exist, it's when you notice them while immersed in the story.


PC Gaming Golden Age

It's not a legend. It was real. There was a time before DLC. Before DRM. Before crappy ports. It was glorious.


The Best of 2016

My picks for what was important, awesome, or worth talking about in 2016.


Philosophy of Moderation

The comments on most sites are a sewer of hate, because we're moderating with the wrong goals in mind.


Quakecon 2011 Keynote Annotated

An interesting but technically dense talk about gaming technology. I translate it for the non-coders.


The Best of 2011

My picks for what was important, awesome, or worth talking about in 2011.


Spec Ops: The Line

A videogame that judges its audience, criticizes its genre, and hates its premise. How did this thing get made?


Blistering Stupidity of Fallout 3

Yeah, this game is a classic. But the story is idiotic, incoherent, thematically confused, and patronizing.


Do It Again, Stupid

One of the highest-rated games of all time has some of the least interesting gameplay.



The story of me. If you're looking for a picture of what it was like growing up in the seventies, then this is for you.


Starcraft 2: Rush Analysis

I write a program to simulate different strategies in Starcraft 2, to see how they compare.