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This Dumb Industry: Fixing No Man’s Sky

By Shamus
on Tuesday Sep 20, 2016
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This Dumb Industry: The Sky isn’t Worth Fighting For

By Shamus
on Tuesday Sep 13, 2016
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Diecast #165: No Man’s Sky, Mankind Divided, Harry Potter

By Shamus
on Monday Aug 29, 2016
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This Dumb Industry: The Biggest Game Ever

By Shamus
on Tuesday Aug 16, 2016
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Diecast #163: No Man’s Sky, Dead Adventurers

By Shamus
on Monday Aug 15, 2016
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Diecast #144: Games for Windows 10, Xcom 2, Stardew Valley, E3

By Shamus
on Monday Mar 7, 2016
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The Best of 2016

My picks for what was important, awesome, or worth talking about in 2016.


Spoiler Warning:
Fallout 4

Is Fallout 4 the greatest videogame ever made? No. No it is not.


The Plot-Driven Door

You know how videogames sometimes do that thing where it's preposterously hard to go through a simple door? This one is really bad.


Top 64 Videogames

Lists of 'best games ever' are dumb and annoying. But like a self-loathing hipster I made one anyway.


Why Batman Can't Kill

His problem isn't that he's dumb, the problem is that he bends the world he inhabits.


The Disappointment Engine

No Man's Sky is a game seemingly engineered to create a cycle of anticipation and disappointment.


Object-Oriented Debate

There are two major schools of thought about how you should write software. Here's what they are and why people argue about it.


Good to be the King?

Which would you rather be: A king in the middle ages, or a lower-income laborer in the 21st century?


Seven Springs

The true story of three strange days in 1989, when the last months of my adolescence ran out and the first few sparks of adulthood appeared.


Secret of Good Secrets

Sometimes in-game secrets are fun and sometimes they're lame. Here's why.



A video discussing Megatexture technology. Why we needed it, what it was supposed to do, and why it maybe didn't totally work.


If Star Wars Was Made in 2006?

Imagine if the original Star Wars hadn't appeared in the 1970's, but instead was pitched to studios in 2006. How would that turn out?