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Diecast #167: Mystic Messenger, Star Citizen, PS4 Pro

By Shamus
on Monday Sep 12, 2016
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Diecast #150: Star Fox, Playstation 4.5, Mirrors Edge

By Shamus
on Monday Apr 25, 2016
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E3 2015 Playstation Press Conference

By Shamus
on Friday Jul 3, 2015
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Spoiler Warning

Reset Button: Playstation 3

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jan 20, 2015
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Diecast #70: Gamespot Layoffs, Playstation Now, Mailbag, Star Citizen

By Shamus
on Monday Aug 4, 2014
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Experienced Points: The Great Framerate Debate

By Shamus
on Tuesday May 27, 2014
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Experienced Points: Housecall

By Shamus
on Friday Mar 13, 2009
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Crysis 2

Crysis 2 has basically the same plot as Half-Life 2. So why is one a classic and the other simply obnoxious and tiresome?


Spec Ops: The Line

A videogame that judges its audience, criticizes its genre, and hates its premise. How did this thing get made?


Artless in Alderaan

People were so worried about the boring gameplay of The Old Republic they overlooked just how boring and amateur the art is.


Trusting the System

How do you know the rules of the game are what the game claims? More importantly, how do the DEVELOPERS know?


Spoiler Warning:
Fallout 3

A long-form Let's Play of a classic that's probably overrated, and certainly dumber than it needed to be.


Starcraft 2: Rush Analysis

I write a program to simulate different strategies in Starcraft 2, to see how they compare.


Trashing the Heap

What does it mean when a program crashes, and why does it happen?


Philosophy of Moderation

The comments on most sites are a sewer of hate, because we're moderating with the wrong goals in mind.


Hardware Review

So what happens when a SOFTWARE engineer tries to review hardware? This. This happens.


Spoiler Warning:
Marlow Briggs

This game is bonkers. It's wild, it's crazy, and it makes no sense. You have to see it to understand the silly.


Spoiler Warning:
Until Dawn

A character-driven slasher horror mystery adventure puzzle-based survival walking simulator. It's pretty cool.


Joker's Last Laugh

Did you anticipate the big plot twist of Batman: Arkham City? Here's all the ways the game hid that secret from you while also rubbing your nose in it.