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My Zombie Plan, Part 5

By Shamus
on Friday Feb 15, 2013
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Nerd Culture

My Zombie Plan, Part 4

By Shamus
on Monday Feb 11, 2013
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Nerd Culture

My Zombie Plan, Part 3

By Shamus
on Friday Feb 8, 2013
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Nerd Culture

My Zombie Plan, Part 2

By Shamus
on Wednesday Feb 6, 2013
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Nerd Culture

Overthinking Zombies

By Shamus
on Monday Dec 3, 2012
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Nerd Culture

Overused Words in Game Titles

I scoured the Steam database to figure out what words were the most commonly used in game titles.


Starcraft: Bot Fight

Let's do some scripting to make the Starcraft AI fight itself, and see how smart it is. Or isn't.


Seven Springs

The true story of three strange days in 1989, when the last months of my adolescence ran out and the first few sparks of adulthood appeared.


Why The Christmas Shopping Season is Worse Every Year

Everyone hates Black Friday sales. Even retailers! So why does it exist?


Trusting the System

How do you know the rules of the game are what the game claims? More importantly, how do the DEVELOPERS know?


The Best of 2014

My picks for what was important, awesome, or worth talking about in 2014.


Batman v. Superman Wasn't All Bad

It's not a good movie, but it was made with good intentions and if you look closely you can find a few interesting ideas.


Top 64 Videogames

Lists of 'best games ever' are dumb and annoying. But like a self-loathing hipster I made one anyway.


Shamus Plays LOTRO

As someone who loves Tolkein lore and despises silly MMO quests, this game left me deeply conflicted.


Could Have Been Great

Here are four games that could have been much better with just a little more work.


Stolen Pixels

A screencap comic that poked fun at videogames and the industry. The comic has ended, but there's plenty of archives for you to binge on.


The Witch Watch

My first REAL published book, about a guy who comes back from the dead due to a misunderstanding.