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Stolen Pixels #5:
Every Shade of Brown

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jul 22, 2008
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The latest Stolen Pixels is now up. Also, enjoy the new comic navigation buttons, an innovation that allows you to navigate between strips or to (get this) just jump to the index. It’s a real breakthrough and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other webcomics adopting this system.

Anyway, it’s actually a pain trying to make comics out of this game, which is why I’m only doing one Guild Wars strip.

And while we’re busy being all meta: In the previous strip strip on UT3, my original plan was to have CliffyB deliver the message. But I couldn’t really find enough useable pictures of the guy. Plus, I was worried it might seem like a personal dig at him and not a dig at the game. So we got Mr. Stock Photo Guy. I think that worked better, humor-wise. It would have been less funny to have CliffyB claiming he was trying to be “hardcore”, because the general consensus seems to be that he is.

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