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Stolen Pixels #9:
A Server Is a Way of Life

By Shamus
on Tuesday Aug 5, 2008
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The images used in today’s Stolen Pixels comic were originally supposed to be a completely different joke. I got together with my fellow guildmates and we shot an elaborate sequence where two players were talking, then a third joined them, then he left and a forth person came along.

As I tried to put the sequence together, I noticed that we forgot to take off our guild tabards. We were supposed to be strangers, and here we were, all dressed alike. I’m not sure how many people would have noticed, but I was worried it would just confuse the joke.

(The thrust of the joke was a surreal conversation designed to make fun of people with preposterous names on roleplaying servers. The idea was that they met a guy named (say) “Buttmaster”, but he was really roleplaying that name.)

The joke was also a bit long and crowded. (I was so spoiled by the limitless space in DMotR.) So I dumped the idea and used one of the screenshots to make today’s strip about different WoW servers.

That’s enough WoW strips for a bit. I have more, but I think we’ll take a break from them before the whole thing turns into a WoW comic.

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