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Stolen Pixels #27:
Clean Slate, Indeed

By Shamus
on Tuesday Oct 7, 2008
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The latest Stolen Pixels brings us to the world of… whatever they call that planet depicted in Tabula Rasa. That is to say, the comic is about Tabula Rasa.

A note on the previous one. It became obvious from some of the feedback that the adventure game references sailed right by a lot of readers. If you’re one of those whipper-snappers that thinks that the dawn of videogames happened with the release of the PS2, then allow me to correct some of the deficiencies of your education:

  • Guybrush is a reference to the Monkey Island Series.
  • “Manny” is a reference to Grim Fandango.
  • Monolith Burgers is a reference to the Space Quest series.
  • April Ryan is a reference to The Longest Journey.

I really wanted one more in there, but those last panels were getting too dang crowded. I would like to have squeezed in a nod towards Full Throttle, Leisure Suit Larry, Day of the Tentacle, or the King’s Quest series.

Ah well. I liked how it ended anyway.

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