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The Third Annual “Jarenth and Josh Stream Themselves Being Dumb for New Year’s Eve” Stream!

By Josh
on Monday Dec 30, 2013
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It’s that time of year again; that wonderful time when Jarenth and I take over the website so we can stream ourselves being dumb for a few hours while Shamus isn’t looking.

This year we’ll be playing…


Actually, I don’t know what we’ll be playing yet! But we’ll be playing something! And it probably won’t be Nethack! (That would be sadness.)

The stream will start at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM Eastern/4 AM British on New Year’s Eve (December 31st), or if you’re in Europe, New Year’s Day (January 1st).

And don’t tell Shamus!

Comments (46)

  1. Winfield says:


  2. Mersadeon says:

    Darn. Wish I could watch that. Don’t think I can make it. A shame.

    To another year of insightful stuff on this wonderful website!

  3. Jarenth says:

    It’s possible that you think Josh is joking, right now, re: ‘we have no idea what this stream is going to be about’.

    But does Josh ever joke?

  4. McNutcase says:

    I’d suggest Saints Row 4, but that’s kind of a been there done that thing. Maybe Don’t Starve?

  5. ET says:

    Legend of Dungeon might be good for streaming purposes.
    It’s shortish, simple, and best when played with more than one person.
    Although it’s local-only multiplayer, so if you don’t have a way of being in the same room…

    What about Spelunky? (The remake)
    Randomized, platformy, and has multiplayer built in!
    All things I like! :)

  6. Halceon says:

    Go for Artemis. Because Artemis.

  7. Muspel says:

    They’re going to stream Guild Wars’ login screen for three hours while Josh waxes poetic about it. I can see it now.

  8. DGM says:

    I wouldn’t mind actually getting to see some Good Robot footage.

    Just make sure to record properly this time if you go for that, please.

  9. Aldowyn says:

    You should do nethack, just as a joke.

  10. DGM says:

    Something’s off with the comment tracking. From the blog’s front page it says there’s 20 comments (at the time I type this), but from this page it says there’s only 19. My manual count also says 19.

  11. HiEv says:

    It might be amusing to watch them play a few hours of Terraria or Starbound, whichever they know least well. If you’re not familiar with them, think of side-scrolling Minecraft with bosses. Terraria is the older one which just got some new Christmas content, while Starbound is the newer one somewhat based on Terraria that’s still in alpha and Shamus recently did a review of.

  12. anaphysik says:

    Josh, you & Jarenth should co-create an expansion to everyone’s favourite internet-themed Japanese multimedia property.

    You can call it .hack//Net

  13. PlasmaPony says:

    Alas, I will be too busy getting drunk and trying to make out with girls to watch this for more than maybe half an hour. I feel like a bad nerd.

  14. Zukhramm says:

    5 in the morning? Well that’s a time!

  15. Merzendi says:

    Gonna put the link up for the stream soon, guys?

  16. Touraxus says:

    While I only got in to gun for shamus’s last match.
    The game was fun as hell.
    Any attempts to organize normal groups would be welcomed.
    Hell, I have 3 copies of the game to gift on steam since I bought the 4 pack.
    And all Hail the Ernie!!!!

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