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Hangout March 29: Good Robot

By Shamus
on Sunday Mar 27, 2016
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This Tuesday night, Josh and I (and maybe some of the Good Robot development team) will be streaming Good Robot. If you want to see the game in action, ask questions, or just get on Josh’s nerves, then this is a great opportunity to do so.

The stream begins at 11:59pm GMT.

As always, the stream will appear at twitch.tv/spoilerwarningshow when the time comes.

Only Bad Robots would miss this one.

Comments (13)

  1. HeroOfHyla says:

    Maybe I’ll actually be able to catch a stream when it’s happening for once!

  2. DGM says:

    Just don’t screw up the recording this time! I’d like to catch it on Youtube, but I’m going to have to miss the stream. Am I still a Bad Robot if I watch it later?

    Oh, hey, the Amazon delivery bot is here with my my pizz- [DISCONNECTED]

  3. Redingold says:

    Note that, since Britain is currently in Daylight Saving Time, at midnight in GMT, it will actually be 1 in the morning in Greenwich. This, of course, is stupid.

  4. Aulayan says:

    Looks like 8 pm eastern if I am doing math right? I’ll be at work. DAMN YOU AND YOUR FIRST SHIFT PRIVELEGE :D

    Have fun, Hope there’s a video later.

  5. Radkatsu says:

    “Only Bad Robots would miss this one.”

    And those of us who uninstalled Flash many many moons ago. Twitch really needs to get with the times already.

  6. T.A. says:

    So, it starts 01:59 am in my timezone. I think I’ll just catch it later.

  7. Zak McKracken says:

    Late ate night, mid-week … might be able to catch up on the weekend — have fun!
    (and please please be successful getting GR on some DRM-free store that is not Steam — and yes, I know that this isn’t completely up to you guys…)

  8. Pete_Volmen says:

    That was really fun. By the looks of it you guys are going to sell at LEAST one copy.

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