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Stolen Pixels #101: Left 4 Dumb, Part 17

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jun 23, 2009
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This begins the final series of Left 4 Dumb comics. In this one I fill in a bit of backstory that I think Valve mistakenly omitted from the core game.

Comments (7)

  1. Colonel Dave says:


  2. Factoid says:

    See?! MORE content valve left out of L4D. Boycot!!

  3. Blackbird71 says:

    Ok, I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of the Left 4 Dumb series, it’s just been dragging on far too long for my tastes.

    But that was funny!

  4. WILL says:

    This series really should have ended way earlier.

    This is stretching it. They’re not even funny anymore. I mean, part 17? And you have others planned?

    Take this comment however you want. :)

  5. Bret says:

    Eh. I’ve found the lot of them perfectly tolerable. And the reaper is now my go-to weapon for zombie slaying.

    (Assuming my bat breaks, I don’t have a gun, there are no replacement cricket bats, and chainsaws are unavailable.)

  6. Author says:

    You’ve gone Gordon Frohman on us. So good.

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