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Stolen Pixels #140: The Circle of Ammunition

By Shamus
on Friday Nov 6, 2009
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This one is a study in Xenobiology. And toilet jokes.

Comments (9)

  1. Selifator says:

    Wonder where they’ve hidden the person who thought of this.

  2. Magichanics says:

    This somehow reminds me of Yahtzee’s review of Call of Juarez: Bound in blood… something about eating danger and s…ting bullets.

  3. Robyrt says:

    I am reminded of finding unopened potato chips (or money) in the trash cans in System Shock 2.

  4. Heron says:

    I’m reminded of drinking toilet water in Fallout 3 to heal yourself.

  5. LintMan says:

    I just picked up on the title: “The Circle of Ammunition”. Awesome.

    But now I have The Lion King’s theme stuck in my head…

  6. SteveDJ says:

    A little bit off-topic, but I wanted to say I like the new Stolen Pixels logo… it’s been there for a couple issues or so?… with sorta the stolen “O” look — did you make it yourself? (…and, your banner ads here for Stolen Pixels need to be updated, too :) )

  7. Sam says:

    I really like the idea of a society of people who eat nothing but guns and poo bullets. I would imagine it’s a very manly society.

  8. GoodApprentice says:

    From reading the title, I totally thought this was going to relate to the soldier turret’s magical ring of ammunition generation. Anyway, one time while I was driving through northern Texas with some friends, I found a half-dozen 22 bullets in a rest station urinal. I decided to leave them there for the next guy. I guess, in some respects, Texas is somewhat similar to Pandora.

  9. El Quia says:

    Well, if my memory serves me right, I found my share of shotguns and 10mm pistols (with their respective ammo)in refrigerators in fallout 1 and 2. So, nothing new here. Well, except for the toilets.

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