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Spoiler Warning S5E15: Are you cross?

By Shamus
on Thursday May 12, 2011
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Spoiler Warning


Link (YouTube)

I know there are a lot of criticisms of Josh’s exceptionally unorthodox playing style. Some people have even gone so far as to suggest that Josh is a bad player. Laying aside the fact that this show is designed to be entertaining to watch – as opposed to a comprehensive guide on combat efficiency – I would like to draw your attention to a few bits of trivia. In this episode, Reginald Cuftbert:

  1. Forgot to buy stimpacks.
  2. Uses the weapon for which he has the least training.
  3. Is slightly under-leveled for this section.
  4. Is routinely crippled.
  5. Has no companion.
  6. Is wearing stealth armor to a stand-up melee fight.
  7. Fights enemies in clusters.
  8. Did not die once.

It’s a horrible and ill-advised way to go through life, but you can’t argue with success.

Comments (136)

  1. Ateius says:

    Josh routinely impresses me with his ability to play a game in possibly the worst fashion possible and yet still utterly dominate it.

    Also, Shamus, you set the video to Private again.

    • Vipermagi says:

      YouTube is just slow to update settings. Give it a little time :)

    • Eric says:

      Me too, honestly. It seems like every situation he gets into is always about as bad as it could possibly be, because of the way he approaches it, but he always somehow comes out alive in the end. It must be the alcohol.

    • Ateius says:

      As an addendum, I also love his very gamer-y sense of direction, navigation and travel.

      “Okay, so the cove is on the other side of this massive mountain and sheer cliff. I could walk around it … or I can just SLIDE DOWN THE SLOPE.”

      Sliding and skidding down a sheer cliff face ensues, in the name of saving 5 minutes.

      • Max says:

        I slid down that same cliff, in my playthroughs, and I do that quite often in games. In fact I find getting down a cliff and surviving is some of the most fun in the entire game. I find it more unusual if someone went the long way around instead of sliding down the cliff.

        • MrWhales says:

          I do that too. And i rock climb over the overcrops instead of going around, even if going around is easier…

          • Max says:

            Well i don’t do that so much in New Vegas cause there seem to be bunch of invisible walls where I think I can climb over, but generally I try to climb over stuff too. Fastest path is a straight line, no matter what crap is in that path!

            • Ateius says:

              As do I. But we, like Josh, are all gamers, and we’re using a gamers’ sense of direction. Sure, I might misstep and fall off the cliff, but worst comes to worst I’ll just break both legs, and I’ve got stimpaks/healing spells/health kits! In real life, one is more likely to walk around the cliff, because broken legs are painful and take more than a few seconds to fix.

              • Max says:

                Occasionally I will misstep and get hurt going down cliffs, which is why Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game for taking shortcuts off cliffs. Ride a horse off the cliff, the horse dies, walk away completely unharmed, wait 15ish seconds and whistle for a new horse.

                I have saved so much time in that game taking shortcuts off cliffs, and I don’t even have to slowly and carefully slide down like in other games. I guess a non gamer would be less likely to casually slaughter horses for shortcuts.

    • AyeGill says:

      Agreed. We could definitely argue that he is bad at building a character, but he is very, very good at using his poorly built character.

      As opposed to my playstyle, which is spending a load of time building my character to maximum power, then failing horribly.

  2. James says:

    The Video is umm kinda a little bit private.

    Must….. Have…… Patience…. Ooooh SC2 VoD’s.

  3. X2-Eliah says:

    Hmm. Maybe Josh is getting through so many fights without dieing because he has a huge stock of food on his character at all times (and booze), and he’s currently fighting mostly mooks, not radscoprions and deathclaws.

  4. MJG says:

    One thing I’ve learned from watching a lot of LPs, and reading the comments associated with them, is that people do like to complain about games being played “the wrong way.” It’s not enough to make progress and have fun, you have to optimize your character build, plan the most efficient routes, always do the quests in the way that grants the best rewards, etc.

  5. gebiv says:

    Shamus: They keep crippling your head a lot.

    Josh: Yeah, I don’t understand why.

    Well duh… because your head is crippled.

  6. Phoenix says:

    That’s clearly the best way to do things :D

  7. Abnaxis says:

    “..the airship is on fire, and you’ve lost your hat.

    I approve of this reference.

  8. Vipermagi says:

    I find it interesting that Josh takes almost everything off the Legion dudes, except the Hunting Rifles. They are a solid weapon, even with little skill, and sell for heaps. Then again, this was to be expected.

    • RTBones says:

      I too wondered about that for a brief moment – then realized it’s Josh doing a SW, so all bets are off. Also, given Reginald’s constant struggle with encumbrance, it’s probably not a bad thing that he leaves SOMEthing behind.

      That is actually one of the things I enjoy about this cast and crew. The way Josh plays (at least for SW) is completely unorthodox and counter to what I might do – yet he continues to make progress, survive, even thrive – and I get to see actions/reactions/game mechanics that I wouldn’t normally see. This is distinctly awesome in it’s awesomeness.

      • Sleeping Dragon says:

        I would point out that this also reveals just how little all that optimizing actually means. I mean, yes, having your character min-maxed in all the right places may make things easier for you, it may help you get through some places faster or with better result, it may be all but necessary for certain optional things (like clearing out the deathclaws)… but by the end of the day your “every skill point considered” character will get through the same game that the “I’m using the weapon for which I have the least skillpoints” character will.

        • James says:

          I Tend to use Small Guns allot (they seam far better then E-Weps somehow), and Charisma is my dump stat, i like to chat with NPC’s but i also dont mind killing them all if my skills in speech are woefully inadequate.

        • Khizan says:

          Not sure what difficulty they’re on, but it matters slightly more on the higher levels. Similarly, unless you’re on hardcore, you can just pause and fullheal every few seconds, so it’s not even difficult to get through the combats like that. So long as you can survive onehit, you can heal to full before a killing blow lands, so it’s just time consuming and requires you to carry a metric ton of food.

          • MrWhales says:

            They are on the default, whatever that is. Not hardcore, but i still notice that the health does take some time to regenerate from foods. I only play new vegas on hardcore, so i don’t know if it isnt supposed to

            • Vipermagi says:

              Foodstuffs are heal-over-time on Normalcore as well. Stims are instant, though (makes Super Stims a little pointless, since they don’t heal that much more).

              • James says:

                do they still get the Overheal buff on non hardcore, ‘cus on hardcore its a nice touch to stim up to the eyeballs get stimpack sickness ignore and clear a particularly hard room

        • Tizzy says:

          I thought one of the selling points of the original Fallout (*drink!*) was that precisely you could go through the game and do well with about any build, or lack thereof. Munchkining was possible, but not necessary or even desirable.

          • Sleeping Dragon says:

            I would assume that this meant something like “there are ways to pass the game with characters with different focus” not something like “you can put all your points in sneaking, chatting and science and have strength of 1 and then go melee supermutants”.

  9. Hitch says:

    The guy on the cross was Anders? How many Anders are there in the game? Or how many places is he?

    I know there’s an Anders who’s an NCR Ranger that’s been captured by the Fiends in Vault 3. I never remember to pick up the quest to rescue him. I usually just stumble across him in the Vault. In my last play through, I forgot about him and cleared the Vault without seeing him. Later I ran into him at Camp McCarran. he thought he was still a captive. I tried to “rescue” him at the camp (all the dialog options that should have come up in the Vault appeared at the camp). I didn’t have any stimpacks at the moment so I couldn’t heal his crippled legs. He cussed me out for leaving him to die and stealing all his glory on the mission. Now he hates me.

    His commander thanked me for rescuing him.

  10. Zukhramm says:

    The weird thing about Josh’s style is that he uses so much stuff. He drinks and eats town different items at a time and he keeps switching between different types of weapons all the time.

    Also, I hate the slave you went past. You can buy them, but when you talk to them your only option is to tell them you set them free. Whaaaat?! I want my slaves!

  11. Gantidae says:

    Josh’s style may be unorthodox during these SW vids, but he is by no means a bad player. During the Fallout 3 SW I used to wonder at his dumping of points into energy weapons then never using them. Then I became enlightened and have come to accept Josh’s zen.

    • JPH says:

      Wait, putting points in energy weapons and never using them? I thought that was the opposite of what happened in the Fallout 3 season. Didn’t he get that one overpowered energy weapon from one of the DLCs and yet still insist on putting his points in melee or whatever?

      • Vipermagi says:

        Yup. Gauss rifle, and later the Tesla cannon. I guess it didn’t matter too much for the TC, since that thing just rips stuff apart regardless, but the Gauss was horridly inaccurate and the damage wasn’t that exceptional for its firing rate (the missile is bugged as well; animation is not where the bullet lands).

        Points were sank in Melee due to the Shishkebab :)

  12. Eric says:

    I honestly have, like, nothing to say about this game. Some people here might remember my long, long rants about Fallout 3, but New Vegas is just… competent. It’s not a great game, it doesn’t have an awesome story or too many memorable characters, there’s nothing about it that’s amazingly praiseworthy… it’s “just” a game set in the Fallout universe that doesn’t butcher the canon horribly like Fallout 3. With Fallout 3, at least I could provide some discussion by systematically dissecting every single one of its many, many flaws, but New Vegas either retains those flaws, so they’re old hat, or just doesn’t have them, without really standing out as being excellent in its own right.

    I mean. Yes Man is funny. There are some okay quests here and there. The world design is believable and a lot of thought has gone into the “big picture”, like the socio-economic conditions of the world, its government and politics, its trade, etc. But it really doesn’t do much else beyond that… New Vegas is basically the game you get when you take everything cool and unique about Fallout, and then sort of just treat it as some static thing without attempting to really innovate or expand on it in a way that feels truly meaningful or significant to the overall lore.

  13. Sekundaari says:

    Reginald’s bones are getting too old for the grand 4-grenades juggle in V.A.T.S. I guess… that trick used to kill. But he’s still got that little something when he gets his hand on a really big knife.

    All in all, I liked that problem-solving attitude of his that this showed. “I don’t wanna be fighting things with four stimpacks” -> get a BFG instead.

  14. Moriarty says:

    yeah, weapon skills aren’t really necessary. I always go max out science/lockpick/speech/medicine/sneak/barter and nearly every skill you can use to get loot or xp before getting more than 25points into a weapon skill.

  15. Jarenth says:

    I just want to point out here how glad I am to be a part of the Spoiler Warning experience slash subcommunity.

    I’m also very glad I watched Season 2, which led to me becoming immune to Josh’s points-trolling behaviour.

  16. krellen says:

    Josh should get the “Old World Gourmet” perk (I think it came with Dead Money); among other things, it gives alcohol a healing effect.

  17. Adalore says:

    The only reason why I can watch this is that it’s amusing enough and success happens … Somehow.

    I normally hold myself to at least semi-optimized builds so things die when I want them to.

  18. Deadpool says:

    Btw, the power fist wasn’t working likely because it’s an impact weapon, and their armor is resistant to impact damage.

    I thought it mighta been the broken arm, but that should’ve affected the Machete Gladius too…

    • Bentusi16 says:

      Yep, the power fist wasn’t breaking through their DT. A perk for unarmed lets you have a higher penetration on armor with unarmed weapons though.

      If you look on the bottom of the screen you see a red shield flashing up every time he smacks the legionnaire. It means his armor is absorbing most of the hit.

  19. Abnaxis says:

    Vis a vis sucky unarmed damage: I think that’s because the unarmed skill is based on Perception. So when you’re fighting with two crippled arms and a crippled head (!) you get more of a debuff, since the crippled head hurts your perception, and the crippled arms hurt melee/unarmed damage. Melee, OTOH, is based on strength, and while I think there is a strength debuff associated with crippled limbs, downing all those steaks and booze alleviated the strength losses while exacerbating the perception loss.

    Also, does the kukri thing pierce armor more?

  20. Daemian Lucifer says:

    No,ballistic fist is the best weapon.Its a shotgun strapped to a glove!

    Oh that guy in the cage is great.He just watched you slaughter the whole camp,and he is just sitting there,greeting you nonchalantly when you pass by.

  21. Jeff says:

    I think it’s funny that the measuring stick for success is “I didn’t die.”

    That would make performance reviews a lot easier.

  22. Sekundaari says:

    Just noticed a strange theme here. In the last episode, Rutskarn explained how he pondered selling his parents (or a kidney, or genitals) for caps to pay the Gun Runners for a minigun. Now he lost his mother to Josh in a spur-of-the-moment bet.

    What does this tell us of Rutskarn?

  23. BenD says:

    You should add to the list, “Suffers from rad sickness” and “Routinely lets HP linger below half and even below 1/3rd”!

  24. Bobby Archer says:

    I have to say, the episode title is an absolutely horrible pun.


  25. RTBones says:

    Why? Because it had to be done. With apologies….

    I am the very model of a bunny-hopping pugilist
    A drunken malcontented bouncing bruiser with a power fist
    A wealthy if unhealthy mule of pant exploding violence
    A bonnet wearing plasma sharing thief of Legion consiousness
    With non-appointed skills disjointly used in highest prominence
    I am the very model of a bunny-hopping pugilist

    (slides the whiskey across the table)

  26. Michael says:

    “And they just drop dead for no raisin.”

    “No raisin at all.”

  27. Lance says:

    You guys know about kukris? I thought they were pretty obscure to people who weren’t weapons nerds.

  28. Even says:

    You can still actually punch the guy off the cross. All you need is a strike that does a knockback like the Ranger Takedown.

  29. TheAngryMongoose says:

    Und any plan vere you lose you hat iz?

  30. Johan says:

    On eating the doctor’s bag: whenever you find then lying around, they always look SO weird to me, the texture doesn’t look to me like what I know it’s supposed to look like (one of those 50’s leather brown doctor’s bags), it always looks like some kind of meat (this may be because I usually find them when they’re lying around in dark places), it looks like some kind of shaped meat with a handle on it. So eating it actually sounds about right.

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