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Stolen Pixels #113: Gentlemen

By Shamus
on Tuesday Aug 4, 2009
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If you play it, then I’ll bet you know what game I’m talking about, just from the title.

Comments (23)

  1. RPharazon says:

    Pfft. You aren’t going to play any rounds as pyro anytime soon. Your profile shows that all you’ve done is play Garry’s Mod (making this comic) for 1.5 hours in the past two weeks. Although, due to recent events, it’s understandable.

    We miss you, Shamus.

  2. JimminyJoJo says:

    Ah Valve, they always make us wait so long for their games, but we do wait because they are always so outstanding. I guess there’s something to be said for taking as much time as you need to develop a game.
    But if killing spies will make development go faster, I’m all in!

    Last one alive, lock the door!

  3. Mad Flavius says:

    I must echo what RPharazon said: we do miss you, Shamus. I reinstalled TF2 (finally! Sniper achievements! If there’s one thing Mad Flavius can do, it’s shoot straight) and I’m looking forward to those Friday night games I read so much abbout. :) Looking forward to life settling down again and the crazy, chaotic fun recommencing.

  4. Yar Kramer says:

    I don’t play it. And I still knew what game the title was talking about.

  5. Julian says:

    I played it a few times a LONG time ago. And I still knew what game it was. The spy is just so clichéd that he’s gone over the fence and become individual and unique.

  6. Rutskarn says:

    Man can’t live on TF2 alone, RPharazon. Especially when, you know. He has a dozen other games to review and write about on the site so those people don’t complain.

    I did manage to get a lot of spies killed today. Unfortunately, most of them were me.

    Also, while we’re talking about Valve: new Left 4 Dead campaign coming out in September. For free. Nice.

  7. Kyrionus says:

    @Rutskarn: I actually laughed out loud at the “most of them were me” bit there.

    I really want to light some people on fire now… Um, in TF2 obviously. :)

  8. Groboclown says:

    I’ve been on a TF2 hiatus of late due to work and family and sleep. I think I’ll be getting back in game now.

  9. Joe says:

    All I play is spy, and d20 lawful is one of three servers on my favorites. I feel like I should play a little harder if I venture on there anytime soon.

  10. Jabor says:

    My internet connection seems to be getting a little more stable, so I might jump back onto the d20 servers sometime.

    I’m not much a pyro, especially with that sort of latency. A Sandvich-eater is me.

  11. Diremongoose says:

    There’s never ever anyone online during Aussie evening times, except at weekends :(

    Being an American server, its not surprising, but a community as great as the d20 people are hard to find.

  12. LintMan says:

    @Josh: I was thinking the same thing!

    Cats: How are you gentlemen!!
    Cats: All your base are belong to us.

    My favorite piece to come out of the meme frenzy:

  13. Josh says:

    @LintMan: Are you Orz? I am *happy campers*. Whatever happened to the Androsynth?

    *Spicy games* are always *fun*:

  14. RPharazon says:

    True, very true. Indeed, I’ve played seven or eight times as much Rome: Total War as I have TF2 in the past two weeks, and I should insist that you play more Morrowind (cough cough).

    Still, last time I remember Shamus playing was maybe a week or two after the first server was up. Maybe I didn’t go online when he was online, and I always seemed to have caught him as he was leaving. Maybe it’s just my lot.

  15. Daniel says:

    Wait!? There is a Half-Life: Episode 3 still to be released? But the last episode tied up all the loose ends so nicely!!! Why do we need more Half-Life? That game was half-good. And 3-6 hours (if we are lucky) of content should always take 700 years to produce. Episodic content was intended to get us new content every 3 years, instead of every 6. It has totally done what it was intended to do.

    Ok, back to reality. There are not a lot of good reasons why it has taken this long for Episode 3 to be released, but I am still going to snarf it up the second it is released.

  16. Davin Valkri says:

    Wait…if the Half-Life 2-3 code is in the RED briefcases…what’s in the BLU ones?

    Or maybe each contains HALF of the source code and each team is battering each other to try to complete it and get the game to market! And the reason it hasn’t made it to market yet is because someone always makes off with the other half once one side secures the first!

  17. Sesoron says:

    Being too terrible at FPSs and also at owning gaming-spec computers to play it, I’ve never tried my hand at TF2. Nevertheless, I guessed it solely based on the meme. I’ve got to spend less time on these internets.

  18. LintMan says:

    @Josh: We are Orz! Androsynth are not here. Orz are here. The asking about Androsynth is so *frumple* we are not happy.

    I played the PC version, which didn’t have the voice acting, so this Youtube was the first time I heard a voice to go with the words. Wow, wierd.

    It’s a shame they never made a sequel.

  19. Rutskarn says:

    Davin: Duke Nukem Forever, obviously.

  20. Rutskarn says:

    Davin: Duke Nukem. Obviously.

    Daniel: I’m not sure you could call anything that happened in the last 20 minutes of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 a satisfying conclusion to the HL2 arc.

    Also: dammit, page-load issues double post. That’s just ugly, right there.

  21. Ben N. says:

    @Lintman: They did make a sequel. For the love of all that is nice and good don’t play it.

  22. LintMan says:

    @Ben N.: No they didn’t. That never happened – it was all some sort of *frumple* dream.

    Star Control 3 is so silly. We do not *tell stories* a lot about it. No more Star Control 3 stories.

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